Wiser Lake Endowment Scholarship

Created in 2007 by the Wiser Lake Community Club

The Wiser Lake Hall Association was formed on June 8, 1908, for social, charitable and educational purposes.

The hall was built in 1908 by members of the community and used for all types of social functions. It was purchased for $50, on June 19, 1908. Three of the present community club members attended school in the hall. The heat source for the hall was a big round wood burning stove sitting in one corner of the room. For many years, there was only a well-worn path to an out-house. Many organizations rented the hall, which helped with the upkeep and care of the facilities. For several years the election board for primary and general elections used it. New Years day potluck dinners were an annual affair for the neighborhood.

At an unknown point in time the Daughters of Dorcas were designated the care takers of the hall, and in 1955, they changed the corporation title to the Wiser Lake Community Club.

It is the remaining members of this Wiser Lake Community Club who sold the hall and property to be able to establish the Meridian School District Scholarship Fund. It has now become the Wiser Lake Endowment Scholarship.

It is the hope of the members of the Wiser Lake Community Club that once the community becomes aware of this endowment fund that many others will contribute to the fund so it can grow to offer more scholarships for deserving students. Currently, the old building is being renovated and turned into a home for a growing family.

The club would like to have scholarships awarded to students based on the following:

  1. Need
  2. Character
  3. Good citizenship

It is also their wish that any recipient of this scholarship would someday become a donor of this particular endowment.