MPSF Athletic Endowment

In 1980 the Vekved family moved to the Laurel Community onto an acreage located on the Medcalf Road and were pleased to discover that our new home placed us conveniently in the close proximity to the schools in the Meridian School District.

We had the privilege of having our five children, all of whom participated athletically, graduate from Meridian High School where they were provided with a sound education that prepared them for college in their chosen fields of professional and technical careers.

As a family, we always felt that athletics, when properly emphasized, can be a valuable asset to the academics in a students high school career. The lessons in discipline, commitment, character development, and team building are beneficial as the student faces the realities of an employment career.

I have had the opportunity to participate in the formative years of the MPSF and observe as the foundation matured into a strong, viable source of academic scholarship availability to graduates of Meridian High School.

Observing the foundation grow vibrantly in providing academic scholarships to graduates, there seemed to be room for endowments to be developed for related school activities. Thus, the athletic endowment was set up and through the generosity of some MPSF board members this year was brought to the required threshold when earnings could begin to be distributed to athletic programs in the district. The responsibility of then where funds are most needed and allocated is in the hands of the athletic director with approval of the school administration.

It is the intent that the endowment continue to grow as like minded people continue to make donations, thereby providing the opportunity for more significant contributions from the earnings to be made in future years.

Being a part of the Meridian School Community and continued involvement with the MPSF certainly has been a privilege in a healthy academic and athletic environment.