Ed Nelson Endowment

Created by Ed Nelson from the class of 1938

Ed grew up in the Wiser Lake area and attended the Wiser Lake Elementary School in his early years. The majority of his life and career was spent in the Lynden community. He had an accounting business in Lynden.

One of the things Ed was well known for was his writing for the Lynden Tribune newspaper. He recounted much about the early history of the Ten Mile/Laurel areas in his writings. He was very proud to have been a graduate of Meridian High School and had many fond memories of his educational years. He was a proponent of quality learning and the betterment of community.

In 2000, Ed donated land to the Meridian Public School Foundation, which was later sold to create the Ed Nelson Endowment. His scholarship has assisted a variety of Meridian High School grads to continue their education at institutions of higher learning, thus having the ability to come back and enhance their community with new knowledge and skills.