Cronk Endowment

Bryan Cronk, guitar builder and musical enthusiast graduated from Meridian High School in 2005.  His dream is to build his business, Cronk Guitars, into his lifelong career.
Born in Whatcom County, Bryan felt lucky to grow up in a small tight net community full of support.  As a Meridian Public School Foundation recipient, he felt honored with the award of a scholarship to further his education after high school in business marketing and management.
To this day almost ten years later now, he is grateful to wake up everyday and pursue his dream with a passion. He was so inspired by the M.P.S.F. and the impact it made in his life that in 2013 he became a board member and made the decision to create a Cronk Endowment with a goal of raising $20,000.  This would enable at least one student every year to get that same opportunity that he did to pursue their dream of working in the music or art industry.
Currently, he is creating a virtual online music school and curriculum, which affords students the opportunity to use while at school or home. Students will be able to listen to real life stories and teachings from pros in the music industry. They will be able to interact through short 15 minute virtual videos and skill builders on the website at
Bryan invites your feedback. He can be accessed through his website at  He welcomes volunteers at any of his concerts or events.  Supporters may buy raffle tickets for his handmade guitars or contribute through the Cronk Endowment.