Mylo Watts Memorial Scholarship

The Mylo Watts Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the memory of Mylo Watts and provide financial support for Meridian graduates pursuing higher education.

Mylo was born in North Dakota in 1920 and moved with his family to Whatcom County in 1923, settling on the Hannegan road. He spent his entire school career in Meridian schools, graduating in 1940.

Having lived through the great depression, Mylo new the value of an education and worked tirelessly to enable his children to pursue higher levels of education. He dairy farmed in the tenmile valley for 40 years. Many Meridian students will remember working on Mylo’s farm, milking cows, bucking bails and other odd jobs. A strong work ethic was modeled and he was quick to encourage others to work hard, stay in school and do your best at what ever you are doing.

He loved sports and was an avid sports booster for Meridian High School. In his later years he seldom missed a game and was well known for his friendships with team players. Through his association with Meridian schools, Mylo developed a deep desire to help students to become the best that they could be. It was his desire to establish an endowment to provide ongoing support to graduates of Meridian High School.

Earnings from the endowment are used to provide scholarship funds to deserving graduates attending accredited universities, community colleges, technical colleges and trade schools of their choice.