MPSF Endowment

This endowment has been in the works for several years. This endowment has its creation from a variety of funding sources. These sources are as follows:

  1. Funds received from grant applications
  2. Each year the MPSF holds an annual foundation alumni golf tournament in June at North Bellingham Golf Course. Approximately 25% of those funds go to this endowment.
  3. A private foundation named the Horn foundation from Bellingham contributes each year $6000 to the MPSF. $5000 is allocated to scholarships and $1000 to the MPSF endowment.
  4. Donations made by MPSF board members as so designated

Any funds distributed from this endowment will go towards funding scholarships to individuals attending a four-year, two-year, technical college, trade school, or any other approved beneficiaries. Any funds distributed will be based on the by-laws and criteria established by the MPSF and board of directors.