Jan 232013

I would first off like to thank the Meridian Public School Foundation for their support over the years. It has almost been six years since I graduated in 2007. The path leading to where I am today, all started back at Meridian High School. Whether it was Mr. Shick pushing us to understand AP Calculus, Mr. Protzeller pushing us to better our writing capabilities, or Mr. Lawrence pushing us to comprehend world issues. All through high school I kept hearing that the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields would be growing and producing jobs in the near future. I have always had an aptitude for the construction industry, so why not go after a good job doing something I enjoyed. Somewhere between high school and community college, I decided to head for the engineering field.  After I graduated I went to Whatcom Community College to receive my Associate of Arts and Sciences degree. I focused my studies in math and sciences which would help when I transferred to a 4-year college. While I was at Washington State University I started receiving financial help from the McClellan Trust Fund through the MPSF.  From the time I started at Washington State to the time I graduated, tuition jumped over 30%. A lot of students are working to pay for these increased costs of college, which makes it very difficult to put adequate time into the courses. The McClellan Trust fund allowed me to approach the rigorous coursework without having to work during the school year. I was not only able to excel in my coursework, but become part of campus life. I was able to spend time at sporting events, enjoy intramurals, and attend engineering clubs. During my time in Pullman we were exposed to many Professional Engineers, Marketing Reps, and peer interns in the Industry, one of which lead to my current position as a Project Engineer here in Bellingham. I would like to thank the Meridian staff, the MPSF board members, and Mr. McClellan for supporting my journey.
Kyle M. Aamot

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