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Alumni Continuing Education Scholarship Application Form – Meridian Public School Foundation

MPSF Scholarship Policy The MPSF recognizes its obligation to set forth clear policies for awarding scholarship funds to Meridian High School graduates. The Foundation also is obligated to meet the wishes of its donors, while trying to be fair to recipients. The Board reserves the right to exercise discretion and consider extraordinary circumstances of any recipient of its funds.

1. Scholarship recommendations will be made by a committee comprised of members of the Foundation board of trustees. Final selection of recipients is at the sole discretion of the Board. Any information considered in choosing scholarship recipients will be kept strictly confidential.

2. Scholarship winners will be selected based upon the students’ scholastic achievement, intellectual ability, character, promise of contribution to society, need and recommendations.

3. Selection of recipients will be made without discrimination as to the applicant’s race, gender, religious creed, country of origin or relationship with the Meridian Public School foundation or its affiliates. However, recipients must be United States citizens and scholarships will not be awarded to any student who has received (or subsequently does receive) an admission to any military academy.

4. Recipients must be continuously enrolled, in good standing, in a degree or certification program at any accredited state university, college, or technical institution in the US, which meets the donors’ criteria. Scholarships may be awarded to students enrolling in private trade schools at the discretion of the Board.

4.1 At the discretion of the Board, awards may be made to applicants who, while not requesting funds leading to a degree or certification program, are pursuing educational opportunities which will benefit their careers.

5. Scholarship monies are paid directly to the post-secondary institution of the recipient’s choice, unless otherwise specified by a donor or the MPSF.

6. The funds are generally awarded on a pro-rated basis for the academic year following the Board’s decision.

7. Recipients are expected to carry a minimum of 12 credits per quarter or equivalent to receive a full award of money available for his/her scholarship.  Applicants who carry fewer than 12 credits will be considered by the Board, but the award amount will be reduced in proportion to the number of credits carried.

8. In order to disburse funds in a timely manner, recipients must provide the following to MPSF Board President on or before July 10th, or at least 60 days prior to the start of the quarter/semester to which funds will be applied:

8.1 evidence of enrollment from the post-secondary institution detailing the number of credits to be taken

8.2 student ID number

8.3 address/phone number for the post-secondary institution

8.4 notification as to whether the institution operates on a quarter or semester basis.

9. The Foundation informs the institution in writing that any unused funds must be refunded directly to the MPSF, and requires recipients to also notify the MPSF Board of unused funds in a timely manner.

10. In some cases, funds may be transferable to another accredited institution during the academic year with prior approval from the MPSF Board, provided donor criteria are met, and there is not a lapse in the recipient’s education. Recipient must notify the Board of change in institution by or before the change. Certain scholarships are tied to specific institutions and/or programs, and therefore cannot be transferred.

11. Recipients must notify the MPSF Board immediately of extraordinary circumstances, which prevents them from meeting any of the Foundation or donor criteria. Initial notification may be by phone to an officer of the Board. For full Board consideration, notice must be in writing. The Foundation will make reasonable efforts to work with recipients who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

12. Recipients must be graduates of Meridian High School and must submit their applications by May 1st  of the academic year he/she expects to start classes.  Under certain circumstances and at its discretion, the Board may consider applications submitted at other times of the year.

13. Recipients must be willing to periodically share their educational career experience with future graduates in Meridian School District as mutually arranged.

Questions regarding the Scholarship policies of the Meridian Public School Foundation should be directed to the Foundation Board. Submittal of this application is an indication that these policies have been read and agreed to by the student.

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